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Rainforest Alliance Green Unroasted Arabica Coffee 3.75 lb. 6-pack can

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance Green Unroasted Arabica Coffee 3.75 lb. 6-pack can


This is a selection of Specialty Grade, Rainforest Alliance certified green coffee from El Salvador. The quality represents the top 3% of all Arabica coffees grown worldwide and the Rainforest Alliance certification ensures that the coffee was grown in consideration of the environment and workers��� well-being. This coffee is a high-grown, dense bean, which ensures a great flavor whether roasted light, medium, or dark. How to Roast GREEN Coffee 1. Outside or in a well-ventilated room, preheat your cooking device to somewhere between 400 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Add the green coffee beans and immediately begin stirring. After approximately five minutes you���ll hear a cracking sound similar to popcorn popping and after seven minutes you���ll hear a second, louder crack that signifies you���ve reached a medium roast. You can remove the beans now or keep going until you reach the ten-minute mark for a dark roast. 3. When you���ve reached your desired level of roast immediately move the beans to a strainer and shake for a minute or two to cool down the beans and separate the papery chaff. We recommend doing this in small batches to ensure even roasting and keep the smoke manageable. IMPORTANT! Raw, green coffee beans must be roasted prior to consumption.

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